Dear EORS Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

It is a great honour and pleasure to invite you to participate in the 29th Annual Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS), which will be held on September 15-17, 2021 in the beautiful city and capital of Italy, Rome. EORS organizes the Meeting in partnership with the Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.

The EORS Annual Meeting represents a reference point for all of us in the field of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal research; whether we are surgeons, biologists, engineers, veterinarians, we all share the passion for research. Therefore, EORS 2021 will provide a wonderful forum for you to share knowledge and explore the latest trends and in Orthopaedic Science and Surgery. The organizing team will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the chance to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends, and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors.

This year is an exceptional year due to the long-term impact of COVID-19 pandemic that disabled us to meet face to face for a while. EORS 2021will allow us to renew our friendship, networking, collaborations and celebrate our society again together!

However, this depends on our ability to travel freely and safely. Therefore, we are also considering an in-person meeting with a virtual component. This format will ensure those who are unable to travel the opportunity to participate in the meeting and present their work.

There is a famous expression “all roads lead to Rome” and we are hopeful and ambitious that the EORS 2021 Congress will lead to Rome again the orthopaedic researchers from all over the world.
Rome is one of the world’s most visited cities, a unique gem in Italy, and it’s not difficult to understand why: its historical and archaeological heritage, the culinary tradition, the marvellous balance of modern and contemporary architecture make the city a melting pot that connects continents, cultures and people.

The congress venue, the auditorium Antonianum, is a unique historical location, part of the Pontifical University. It is located in heart of Rome, next to the main train station, the Colosseum and many other historical and cultural areas.

We offer you our warmest welcome, hoping to make the EORS2021 in Rome a memorable experience for you.

With our best regards,

Congress Chair and EORS President

Gianluca Vadalà

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Congress Chair

Rocco Papalia

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Honorary Chair

Vincenzo Denaro

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome